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Freesouls Book and Neoteny Singapore Launch Jon Phillips »

Freesouls: Joi Ito’s book of freely licensed photos of the wonderful weirdos in his orbit BoingBoing »

3 copies left: Joi Ito’s Free Souls Creative Commons »

保留部分权利:Creative Commons 知识共享初探 «Chutzpah!»

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Joi Ito’s book liberates the images of free culture advocates. David Bollier »

Sharismo: la esencia de la web 2.0 Dolors Reig Hernández »

sharism: a mind revolution :: republished on 56minus1 »

Limited Edition of FREESOULS Available Now - Ryuichi Sakamoto »

《自由灵魂》可以订购了 Isaac Mao »

joi’s book arrived! honored to be included @joi. thank you. John Poisson »

Freesouls Daiji Hirata »

Freesouls, Creative Commons, Participative Pedagogy Howard Rheingold »

Freesouls now available! Ulrike Reinhard »

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Sharism - how sharing will kill enclosure Peter/ »

What to make of the other half? Gabriella Coleman »

Free Souls: Joi’s new book: Lawrence Lessig »

Joi Ito’s Freesouls: Jean Snow »

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Joi Ito has captured and released some freesouls: Rex Hammock »

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