Captured and Released

Joi Ito

This is a celebration
of all the people
who are willing
to share.


Five years ago the FREESOULS community lost a colleague, a teacher, a friend.

Diving Back into Photography

A Q&A with Joi Ito, Taking Photos on the Road (and Underwater)

Freesouls website source code released

We’ve converted this website to Jekyll and released the source code on Github, where you are free to copy, study, use, and share it.


296 Portraits by Joi Ito. Essays by Howard Rheingold, Lawrence Liang, Cory Doctorow, Yochai Benkler, Isaac Mao and Marko Ahtisaari. With a Foreword by Lawrence Lessig and a Special Interview with Joi Ito. 72 Crowd-sourced Definitions of What A Freesoul is. 36 Landscapes. 200 pages. See who’s in the book

Praise for Freesouls

The free(d) souls is simply exquisite! So incredibly simple but with such incredible emotional resonance, especially given the way in which Joi's photos capture the brief unshuttered candor of a moment. A masterpiece in both form and concept. Joi at his best!
—John Seely Brown
Freesouls is a true source of inspiration. One can learn from, use, apply and re-imagine these images just as freely as you have been able to learn from, use, apply and re-imagine the thoughts that have made these particular souls noteworthy.
—Benjamin Mako Hill
Freesouls is an entry into a lively mind, the chance to travel and talk with people who banter about the future from far corners of the earth. Joi Ito shares his access to these provocative change-agents with a spirit of open information and dialog. The folks portrayed have worked to make good from their passions; Joi knits them together into his own curriculum on contemporary ethical freedom. A Freesoul is a living facet of Joi's contagious enthusiasm.
—Justin Hall

Model Release

We asked all of the generous people who appear in this book to agree to a model release, giving Joi permission to use their images. By licensing this work under a Creative Commons license, Joi is extending this permission to you. read on

Limited Edition Print. 50 Boxed Sets. 1024 soft-cover books. All Numbered.
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