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FREESOULS captured and released by JOI ITO has been published in two limited editions. A LUXURY BOXED SET with a hard-cover book (left) in an edition of 50 copies, and a LIMITED EDITION soft-cover book with a print run of 1024 copies.
The LUXURY BOXED SET includes a hard-cover book with a photo-print of Joi Ito affixed to the inner cover (shown); each book is hand-assembled and individually stamped 1-50 (click each image for detail). The LIMITED EDITION comprises a soft-cover book (with a dust-jacket) machine-numbered 1-1024.
Both editions contain 56 large portraits and 242 smaller portraits by Joi Ito: many friends and all members of a free society. The smaller portraits are grouped together in a series of 4-panel Z-folds (shown right). See who's in the book »

The editions also include important new essays by Lawrence Lessig, Joi Ito, Howard Rheingold, Lawrence Liang, Cory Doctorow, Yochai Benkler, Isaac Mao and Marko Ahtisaari. Also included are 72 crowd-sourced definitions of what "A Freesoul is..."
The Large Portrait section is comprised of double-sided, folded sheets die cut to reveal the name on the inner fold. As an addendum, each book includes a blank model release.
The LUXURY BOXED SET of Freesouls includes 1 (one) hard-cover hand-numbered book (shown here in 3 different views), 30 art-quality portraits and a Model Release. The LUXURY BOXED SET comes bound in a hand-assembled, hand-stamped box.
FREESOULS captured and released by JOI ITO is available from this website. ORDER NOW »

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