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A limited quantity of books are being made available directly from the publisher.

FREESOULS: captured and Released by JOI ITO. 296 Portraits by Joi Ito. Essays by Howard Rheingold, Lawrence Liang, Cory Doctorow, Yochai Benkler, Isaac Mao and Marko Ahtisaari. With a Foreword by Lawrence Lessig and a Special Interview with Joi Ito. 72 Crowd-sourced Definitions of What A Freesoul is. 36 Landscapes. 200 pages.
Limited Editions Only. Take a look inside »


LUXURY BOXED SET. Print run of 50. The box includes a hand-assembled hard-cover copy of FREESOULS: captured and released by JOI ITO, individually stamped 1-50, plus 30 art-quality photographic prints. For details, Take a look inside »
US$370 $349 + airmail shipping (worldwide)


LIMITED EDITION. Print run of 1024. Comprises a soft-cover copy (with a dust-jacket) of FREESOULS: captured and released by JOI ITO, machine-numbered 1-1024.
US$76 $69 + airmail shipping (worldwide)

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