The following is a copy of a Model Release Form signed by all of the generous people who appear in this book by name. This form gives Joi Ito, the photographer, the right use the images in this book in any media and for any good purpose.* By licensing this work under Creative Commons Attribution, Joi is giving this right to you.

We encourage other photographers to use this license. We also encourage you to make use of Joi’s photos.

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* other than advertising or anything defamatory!


I hereby give Photographer permission to use and license the Images for use in any Media for all purposes other than the advertising, promotion, commercial endorsement or packaging of any product or service, so long as that purpose is not pornographic or defamatory, with the exception that I expressly give Photographer permission to use the Images in advertising and promotion in connection with any publication of the Images by Photographer. I understand that the Images may be modified or altered in any way, and may be combined with other images, audio, text, graphics or other material. I understand that my name and identity may be associated with the Images.

I agree that all copyright in the Images belong to Photographer. This Release is given for good and valuable Consideration that I acknowledge I have received. I acknowledge that I have no right to any additional consideration or accounting, and agree that I will make no claim upon Photographer with respect to the Images for any reason. I agree that this Release is binding upon my heirs and upon anyone to whom I may assign any other rights that I may have.

I agree that this Release is irrevocable, perpetual and worldwide. I represent and warrant that I am at least 18 years of age and have the full legal capacity to execute this Release.


  • “Model” or “I” means the person who participated in the Shoot described in this Release. If the Model is not at least 18 years of age or lacks legal capacity in the jurisdiction of the Model’s residence, “I” includes the parent and/or legal guardian of the Model.
  • “Photographer” means the photographer, videographer, filmmaker or any other person photographing or recording the Model during the Shoot, including an entity, as well as any person or entity to whom Photographer has assigned or licensed rights under this Release and any licensees of any such person or entity.
  • “Images” means all photographs, video, film, audio, sound or other recordings taken of the Model as part of the Shoot, including the Model’s appearance, likeness, form and/or voice.
  • “Shoot” means the photographic, filmic or other recording session identified in this Release.
  • “Media” means all media and formats including print, film, electronic, digital, broadcast television, Internet, podcast and any other media and formats known now or invented in the future.
  • “Consideration” means something of value received in exchange for this Release.


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Date of Birth:
Legal Residence:
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